Why is La Tuque High School the best ?

Plusieurs élèves actuels du primaire ont livré leurs commentaires sur la question suivante: pourquoi aiment-ils leur école, La Tuque High School ? Voici leurs écrits, que nous avons laissé dans la langue anglaise. Dans l’ordre, on verra des écrits des jeunes de 3e à 6e année. Les élèves de 1ère et 2e année ne sont pas en reste, nous avons reproduit des dessins qu’ils ont effectué sur leur perception de cette école et pourquoi ils sont heureux d’y être.

La Tuque High School is the best because we learn more English and a lot of French too. I like to come here because we learn more english than Centrale and Jacques-Buteux. It is aslo because of the amount of people, because of that, there are less people talking in class less teachers yelling, there is more space, less noise, less fighting, less students and more chances to answer questions. Because of the amount of people, every class is like a family because everybody cares for each other and there is less bullying in class. But the best part is the activities because there is alot of different activities like the Halloeween carnaval and they are super fun. It costs less money because of the amount of people and Mr. Koiter does not have to scream at the activities. That is why La Tuque High School is the best.




LTHS is the best because in the class there are less people. Each year we stay with the people that we know. In the class, we have less fighting so we can work quetly. We learn two languages : French and English. At each month, we have an activity. My favorite teatcher is Mr. Olsen because he does physical éducation and at winter he makes a skating rink for us. My second favorite is miss Reed. She does activities like art projects. I like LTHS because we are a family. Everybody cares for each other. Thats why LTHS is the best.




I like coming to LTHS because we speak more English than French. Because we are a small class, there is less talking, less teachers yelling, ore room to work, more help when we have questions, less noise because were always working, and there is less fighting because we care for each other. There is less people so the people can not scream at each other, the teachers have more chance to answer questions because there are less students. At other schools, they can not bring balls but we can. At the end of the day, we have a lot of activities. Sometimes we have activities because people speak English. Some of the activities are art and dotch ball. My favorite teacher is Miss Reed, because she is funny and she cares about us. My favorite classes are Art and Physical Education. In Physical Education we do exercise and play all sorts of games. In Art we did a monsteris pet with different things like tissue paper, tooth picks and beads. That’s why i like coming to LTHS.


Do you have a place that feels like home? LTHS is like a family to me. We can help people when they have problems. We can also cooperate with friends and we feel comfortable here. It’s also like a home.

LTHS is fun for people that likes cooperating with others and play with others. LTHS would be also fun if people would not fight and push.

LTHS is comfortable for many reasons but the most important one is if we have a problem, there always somebody that listens to us and help us solve our problems.

LTHS is like a home because there many students like when we invite people at home. For all these reasons, LTHS is the best school ever for me.

Corallie Fortin



Do you have a place were you feel comfortable?

Where people are kind with you. LTHS is a very comfortable place. It’s like a big family because there are lots of students. LTHS is a very comfortable place for lots of reasons.

My first reason is that we keep our friends because we stay in same school. We start at primary and finish at secondary.

My second reason is that teachers are kind with us they want us to have fun so they do activities for us like the "thank you for speaking English", the winter carnival, break the rules, and sometimes they do activities with no occasion.

My third reason is that we feel safe because if we have a problem, most of the teachers and students will help you to fix it.

For all those reasons, LTHS is a comfortable place to be. If you don’t have a place where you feel safe and you are comfortable you should find one.




For me, LTHS is a great place to come to school because it is like a home, we help each other and we work together.

First, it feels like a home because we get to do lots of fun stuff like at home and we get to play outside. When it rains, we play games inside like hide and seek and board games with friends. Every month, anywhere in the school, they set up somthing fun.

Second, we help each other. When someone needs help, we can work with them. In the gym, when Mister Olsen cleans up the gym, he asks us if we want to help him. When we finish art, we have to clean up together.

Third, we work together. Sometimes, when we don’t know a word, they can work with us. In the gym, when we play soccer, we have to work together to get a goal.

For all these reasons, this is why LTHS is a great place to go to school.




Do you have a place where you can learn while having fun? Well, I do, since grade 1. That place, for me, is La Tuque High School. In kindergarten, I was in another school. I will give you advantages about being at LTHS.

First of all, I didn’t like the location. The kindergarten class was on the other side of the street separated from the rest of the school. Plus, kindergaten was  divided in two classes Class A and class B. Here, kindergarten is in the same building as the rest of the school. Also, all the kindergarten kids are in the same class. Trust me; I have a younger brother, in kindergarten.

Second of all, at recess, we had different games to play. When we chose something, we had to play for the whole recess, and could not switch to somthing else. When there was the maximum number of people on an activity, nobody else could go. Also, since kindergarten was not with the rest of the school, we had recess alone. At LTHS, kindergarten and the rest of the school have recess together. They don’t have to choose what to do, and thy can change game anytime, just like us.

Third and last of all, since the rest of the school was in another building, the daycare was not in the in the kindergarten building because it was too small. There were only two rooms and one hallway in kindergarten. We had to cross the street in any weather; rain, shine, or snow, to go eat and stay after school. For lunch, we had to go eat, and then come back right after. But here, from my class, we just go down four staircases and we are beside the daycare and in front of the cafeteria.

For all these reasons, LTHS is my favorite school. I didn’t dislike my kindergarten year, but I like it more here. There are so much advantages to LTHS, but it would take a long time to list them all.

Alexis Scarpino



Do you have a place you feel good? I do, and it’s a school. It makes me feel good for many reasons.

The first is that I can learn English. It’s fun because when you know English is one of the most spoken languages. The second reason is because it is like a family. At school we’re all friends sometimes there is little fight but after one day we’re friends again.

The third reason, it feel like a home. A class is like a home. Friends are like sisters and brothers.

These are all the reasons why I fell good at LTHS. I hope you have a place where you feel good.

Nicolas Bujold



Being part of LTHS means that I will learn English wirting, reading.

It also means that I am going to the same school as my dad. We get a lot more help with our work then in other schools. We have a lot of activities during the year. LTHS makes me feel safe because if something happens or if I need something, I know that there is always somebody I know nearby. We finish school early. My teachers are nice. We have swings outside to play with. Grade 5 and 6 have the opportunity to work at the secretary’s office at lunch time. I like coming to school to see my friends.I would loose the teachers that are helping me. I am proud of being part of LTHS and I will be also proud of getting my secondary 5 diploma here. This is what LTHS means to me.

Karen Germain Dingle



What La Tuque High School means to me.

Being a part of La Tuque High School means to be a part of a family. We have arguments we do activities together, and we help each other. And we also do nice thing for the community. We fundraise for places  that have been hit by earthquakes or places that don’t have lots of money. Also, last year, we shared our Christmas spirit by singing songs to the senior citizens of La Tuque. La Tuque also participates in an exchange program so people from other countries can learn about Canada. And also it gives people a chance to make memories at La Tuque High School. And that is what being a part of La Tuque high School means to me.

Liam Koiter



What being part of LTHS means to me

Being part of LTHS means learn to speak and write two languages. LTHS has good support by teachers and even the principal. A tour school friendship is really important because not a lot of people are attending this school.

To people, our school is really different, because we don’t speak and learn the same language as the other schools in La Tuque. But in our eyes it is the same.

In our school, we have lots of team spirit because of our volleyball and basketball team. We even have team spirit in the activities we do such as Unicef parade, la tente du chasseur, Christmas parade, our carnival and plenty of other activities. When we do all of those activities we all have team spirt. At our school we do lots of things for charity like collecting money for unicef, le Gâteau, and la Guignolée. When we collect for all of these organizations they receive a lot of money.

When we go to LTHS we learn English and when we leave LTHS, we thank the teachers because we will have more opportunities and choices for our future.



What being part of La tuque High School means to me.

I’m proud to be a part of La Tuque High School; this is what being part of LTHS means to me. It means I’m a part of an opportunity, a part of a community, and it means that I have a chance to grad a hold of my future. Here at LTHS they make learning fun and I personally enjoy learning, Although its not common in other schools, sometimes student in both elementary and secondary get to see each other, so student night make more friends. In LTHS we call ourselves a family because there are so many brothers, sisters, cousins, and others siblings that go this school. Like my brothers is in this school, my mom works here, and my dad is principal. This is why I’m proud to be a part of  La Tuque High School.

Seth Koiter



What being part of La Tuque High School means to me.

What I like about our school is that we do lots of activities. Like Easter egg hunt our for Christmas and Halloween. During Halloween we do lots of thing that are really fun and funny.

I am very proud of being part of LTHS because now I can speak English and when I grow up if I go to a country that only speak english I will be able to understand them.

I really like our school because its small. The teachers are like our parents. We spend almost all the day with them. We see them even more than our own parents.

The people in our school are very generous. We help a lot causes like the people in Africa who don’t have money. We raise money for the gâteau Latuquois and collect food for the guignolée.

At our school, we have volleyball teams and basketball teams. I am even part of the volleyball team. It’s a big chance that we have teams. Other people can’t even play but us a tour school we do.

Because we learn English it will help us even more when we grow up. The things we learn will help go even further in life than the French schools. We will have more opportunities.




What being part of LTHS means to me.

To me, Being to have more opportunity because English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Being able to attend an English school is a big opportunity. Later for jobs, traveling and meeting new people, attending an English school will help us achieve many goals we will help us achieve many goals we will set for ourselves.

When someone mentions the worlds La Tuque High School immediatly three words pop into my head : learning, future and opportunity. These three words pop in my head because these are the three words, to me that best represent La Tuque High School. I think of learning because at La Tuque High School we always learn things that are later in life going to help us.

I think of future because everything we do now, our future will depend on it. I think of opportunity because attending an English school will help us achieve many more goals then someone who just speaks French or just English. That’s what being part of La Tuque High School means to me.




What being part of La Tuque High School means to me.

I’m very proud to be in La Tuque High School  because we are the only english school in La Tuque. Having the chance to come to an English school is fun. We should fell lucky because not every child is allowed to come to an English if nobody in your family went to an English school.

I am also proud because when I go to a place where people talk in English, you can understand and answer back.

At LTHS we don’t just know how to speak English, we are very good in basketball. Every year teams come back with one or more banners. Our school has a great team spirit.

Every two years we have a great trip, but in grade 6 we have a big, fun trip before we move on the secondary.

I also feel lucky because every month we have a fun activity if we spoke enough English. Our school raises money for charitable groups such as unicef, Gâteau La tuquois, Guignolée and more.

I like the teachers because most of them don’t come from La Tuque and they know a lot of things and we have a lt of fun time. In conclusion everybody who is in LTHS should feel lucky and for the little kids who are not in school yet, I wish you will be able to come to LTHS.

Nathan Todd



Being part of La Tuque High School is like being in a little family because like your parents your teachers wants you to learn the best things. We are a small school but we make a lot of friends. When somebody hurt he or she will excuse themselfes like in a family.

Also when we play sports like basketball, volleyball etc, when we go out of town to play these sports, we represent our school. Our school also has good sportmanship. We never say bad words or hit a player because were mad or for nothing. We are also “certifié sportif”.

I also like this schoole because we do alot of things to help people. For exemple for unicef we collect money by knocking on doors and we also do a parade for Halloween with our costume on also to collect money for unicef. We also do a little carnaval each year for Unicef. We do La Guignolée to help people, we also do fundraising to collect money for our school.

For all the activities we do the older student like me need to take care of the smaller ones and I find that fun.

We are the only English school in town and the only school with both secondary and elementary. That makes our school so fun and special.

Karina St-Louis